As an importer of food, we bear a great responsibility. At Grassfields Trading, maintaining food standards is an essential part of our daily work. We combine our passion for good food with a love of the homeland. We are pioneers: at Grassfields Trading there is no intermediate trade. Regular visits of producers allow us to carefully select high quality, traditional foods that we import directly from Cameroon to Germany. Our close cooperation with small farmers from various regions promotes the economic development of Cameroon. We can pay prices above the usual standard to local producers. This enables us to offer our customers an extensive range of natural, Cameroonian food products, which we put together according to the seasons. Comprehensive knowledge of the market and direct contact with the producers enable us to offer top conditions to our customers as well. Read more about us in this Fresh-Plaza article. (Article from 25 January 2019 in German for download/English for download) You can also find an overview and more information about our assortment here. Translated with (free version)

Unseren Kunden können wir dadurch ein umfangreiches Sortiment an natürlichen, kamerunischen Lebensmitteln bieten, das wir im Takt der Jahreszeiten zusammenstellen. Umfassende Marktkenntnisse und der direkte Draht zu den Erzeugern ermöglichen top Konditionen auch für Kunden.

Lesen Sie in diesem Artikel von Fresh-Plaza mehr über uns. (Beitrag vom 25. Januar 2019 in Deutsch zum Download/Englisch zum Download)

Eine Übersicht und mehr Informationen zu unserem Sortiment finden Sie auch hier.

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